Why Become an Affiliate

Improve Your Bottom Line

  • Close more loans when your client improves their credit score
  • Get paid weekly for every client you refer who signs up
  • Improve your customer loyalty by having their credit answers
  • warranty
  • Increase repeat business from a good experience
  • Monthly incentives help keep you motivated

Access to Client's Case

  • Follow their case as their score improves
  • Current Credit Score
  • Score Improvement Report
  • Removed Items Report
  • Unlimited Support from the Credit Unlimited Staff

An extra paycheck!

  • Get paid for every referral who signs up ($50 per sign up!).
  • Get paid every Friday—straight to your own Credit Unlimited debit card. Then use the card, or transfer the money
  • Let Credit Unlimited work hard on your customer's case.
  • Contact the client when their score is ready and close the deal.

Our Credit Repair Service

Our Results

Most of our clients participate in our program from 4-8 months. We suggest that clients with a bankruptcy on their report participate in our program for a 1 year period. On average our clients see the following deletions from their reports:

About Credit Unlimited

Mission Statement

Credit Unlimited is committed to supporting individuals and families to improve their lives through the improvement and wise use of their credit.

Credit Unlimited Service

Client Services

We find that our client success rate goes up when an affiliate partner understands the process of being a client of ours. Below is a step by step description of what our clients experience.

Credit Unlimited Warranty

Our service is backed by a warranty which entitles you to some or all of your money back if enough disputed items are not deleted. We don't believe you should have to pay for ineffective service. Here's how the warranty works.


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